Huge Gay Muscles Lex

Huge Gay Muscles Lex

Huge Muscle Hunk Lex Showing off his Hard Gay Ass and Big Gay Dick

My Hot Hunk friend Dave is 6’3″, Slender, Brown Hair. I would have never thought there was much more to him, he was my best friend since high school, all throughout the years, and now we were in college together, sharing a dorm room. Dave and I went through it all together, puberty, our first kiss (with girls). We told each other about our first blow jobs (again from girls) and we never kept anything from one another. We were inseparable, the one night everything got more intense.

Before I go on, my name is Lex. I’m 22 years old and I’m in college. I’m about 6’1″, 170 pounds, blue eyes, dark brown hair, gay Latino muscle hunk and handsome men looking.

One night…I was on one of the two twin size beds in our dorm room when he walked in. “Lex I’m bunking it with you tonight. My sheets are in the washing machine”. I rolled my eyes but I didn’t mind, he had done this before. I hopped into my bed and put a pillow down where my feet were and we laid head to toe. He took out his cell phone. “Shit dude, I got Elizabeth Maxwell to suck my dick on camera.” He passed his phone over to me and I watched an explicit video of Dave sitting on a toilet with some girl blowing him sloppily, I just laughed and handed him back the phone.

I told him something that was on my mind. “Is it weird that vaginal sex creep me out?” He looked at me oddly and I continued. “Like, I loved getting head and doing anal but a vagina just gives me the shivers.” He laughed, “It’s because you’re gay dude.” I laughed and kicked him in his side and he fell of off the bed onto the carpet below. He reached up and grabbed me to the ground as we started wrestling. We were laughing and rolling around when he pinned my muscular gay arms to the floor. I was out of breath and still laughing when I looked into his face. It was serious. He stared into my eyes and then leaned in and simply kissed me. I drew back immediately but I wasn’t having that. I pulled him back in and we started to make out passionately. His tongue was in every single part of my mouth and I was ready to cum right then and there. My best friend, we were kissing.

It felt right, like this was how it was supposed to be. As he kept kissing me I felt my way along his muscular men back and placed my hands on his hairy gay ass. I began to pull at his boxers when he broke away from the kiss and he pulled them off himself and took mine off too. I had seen his gay penis before but it looked so much better right now. I turned him over and began to go down on him. I put all 8 inches of him inside of my mouth and he kept getting bigger. Eventually my lips started to hurt when he went down and returned the favor. He easily slid my 6 inches gay cock into his mouth. I came in his mouth quickly and he came back towards my face. I kissed the cum off of his bottom lip and we made out again. Through an exchange of glances we established he would top me, but instead of going inside of me he sat on top of my gay hard penis with his muscle gay asshole. He took all of it at once and didn’t even flinch.

He began to gyrate and then became exhausted and gave me kiss as he rolled over. I then, did my move and he came several times. We kept at it for a couple minutes and then we simply lay on the floor panting for breath. Words would have corrupted what just took place there so we simply looked at each other and fell asleep.

That was my first time with Dave, but it wasn’t the last. We continued our relationship and he is currently my life partner and now we are planning on adopting. I can never forget my first time with him though, it stays with me forever.




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