Gay Latino Hunk Enzo Jerks off!

Gay Latino Hunk Enzo Jerks off!

Hot Hunk Enzo Jacking off his Gay Hard Cock in his Muscle Gay Video Clip

One Friday evening I had decided to stay in as it was far too cold, wet and miserable to venture far from home, so to pass the time I clicked on to gay sex chat rooms hoping to at least get into a hot chat with a muscle hunk on-line. I liked this site because it had a world wide scope and it was not unusual to find one chatting to hunk men from anywhere…London, New York, Canada – anywhere on earth. I use the handle ‘TJ’

After a while of watching the conversation flow I typed:

TJ: ‘Anyone from Sydney Oz want to hitch up?’

There was no response and so I typed:

TJ: ‘Anyone want to chat?’

Still no response, so I thought I’d look for another site but just as I was about to change over I got a message from ‘Enzo’ asking for a private gay webcam chat, so with nothing to lose I agreed. Within a minute we had made contact.

Enzo: ‘In Sydney?’

TJ: ‘yep’

Enzo: ‘we too. Saw you ask for Sydney and I also have here my friend and we’d like to chat.’

TJ: ‘Cool’

I said Okay and soon we had the videos and voice working. I found that I was looking at two rather attractive middle aged gay muscle men. They were sitting together and were naked men. They introduced themselves…the taller one was Enzo. The smaller and rounder of the two was Neil. I introduced myself as TJ and they asked if I wanted to watch them jerk off. I said okay but Neil suggested that it would be more fun if I joined in too. I agreed, got undressed and adjusted the camera so they could get a good look at my rock hard gay cock. They said they liked the look of me and said it was a pity that we were not having a real threesome instead of cyber sex. I agreed and as I was getting rather hot at the sight of their lovely stiff gay penis I asked where they were, and much to my surprise it turned out that they lived only a few suburbs away.

Neil asked me if I’d care to come over to their house for the evening, and suddenly it did not seem too uninviting to go out at all. I said I could be there in twenty minutes…

I drove to the address they gave and found the townhouse they described. They were waiting and the door opened as soon as I arrived. I was offered a towel to dry the rain off and a drink. Enzo and Neil were still naked muscle hunks. They looked better and their big gay dick looked larger than on the video, and as they had already seen me naked I did not resist when Neil pulled up my shirt and Enzo loosened my belt and slid my trousers down.

Soon we were all naked and having a wonderful time of it, and I have to say that while there is nothing wrong with cyber sex and hot chat, there is nothing like having two horny partners to satisfy at the same time and in real life.


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